Lubricant oils

Thanks to the wide range of lubricating oils, Demontis is a reference point for many businesses and private clients. All oils are selected according to the requirements of the market, always offering the highest quality.

When contacting Demontis, located in the province of Olbia Tempio, but which also provides for the municipalities of San Teodoro and Arzachena, you can be assured that you will be in the safe hands of serious professionals and qualified experts, who will gladly provide you with first class assistance to meet your every need.


IP produces a full range of IP brand lubricating oils, for light and heavy vehicles, agriculture and industry.

The lubricating oils are formulated with mineral and/or synthetic bases, and appropriately selected by specific new technology additive packages, to give the products high performance levels and maximum reliability in operation.

They ensure maximum protection against wear to both the latest generation engines, as well as to older ones.

In particular, the top of the range oils are designed to ensure maximum engine efficiency in all conditions, contribute to the reduction of fuel consumption (fuel economy) and extend the oil change intervals, allowing the reduction of operating and maintenance costs.

All the lubricating oils fully comply with the technical specifications issued by ACEA (European Automobile Manufacturers' Association) and comply with recent EURO regulations to maintain high efficiency of catalysts and other exhaust gas after-treatment systems, in accordance with the Kyoto Convention against environmental pollution.

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