About us

Demontis is in Olbia, 1.4km along the Olbia-Monti road.

It provides diesel for heating and cars, kerosene, lubricants for cars, heating fuel, diesel fuel for private, industrial and agricultural use, car fuel and fuel oil.

Courtesy and professionalism are the characteristics that have always distinguished the company, appealing to the whole of the Gallura market.

The company's headquarters are in Olbia and it carries out a bunkering service throughout Sardinia .

We provide

Diesel and petrol, highly refined products with high combustion characteristics and in line with the latest regulations on environmental protection.

bunker, bunkering for yachts, diesel distribution
gas for industrial use, wholesale pellets, zibro fuel


Demontis provides to the entire Gallura market and, in summer, performs bunkering services for all the boats moored in the northern ports of Sardinia and also in the port of Olbia, Porto Cervo, Porto Rotonto and Porto Ottiolu.

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